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Just starting your business and want to fast track the lead generation process.

What's Included:

Custom Site
Unique Lead Gen Landing Page
Mobile Friendly
1 Custom Lead Form
Social/Share Integration
Email Integration 
Site Wide Chat Plugin
Site FAQ
Payment Gateway Integration
*does not include social media/ADS





Grow quickly, get leads, sales, build and nurture new and existing leads.

What's Included:

Custom Site
Unique Lead Gen Landing Page
Mobile Friendly
1 Custom Lead Form
Social/Share Integration
Email Integration 
Site Wide Chat Plugin
Site FAQ
Payment Gateway Integration
3 Social Channel (Business Setup)
25 Social Post (Builder Engagement)
3 text campaigns 
5 email campaigns
*does not include ADS setup/spend




Crush your competition by acquiring more leads through 10X Engagement.

What's Included:

Custom Site
Unique Lead Gen Landing Page
Mobile Friendly
1 Custom Lead Form
Social/Share Integration
Email Integration 
Site Wide Chat Plugin
Site FAQ
Payment Gateway Integration
3 Social Channel (Business Setup)
25 Social Post (Engagement)
3 text campaigns 
5 email campaigns
Google Ads Account Setup + 2 ADs
FB Ads Account Setup + 2 ADs
Includes $1000 Ad Spend
*FREE Prosperity Planner
*does not include ongoing ADs creation

"Cheryl is our secret weapon against our competition. Technology moves SO FAST that we were losing ground! We hired Cheryl to try and salvage the company because young upstarts were taking over! We hired Cheryl and BOOM! We are back on top!"


 Do I need business social media accounts?

Yes and No.  You do NOT need social media setup already prior to requesting help. However, to truly setup your business properly you will need to create separate and specific social media accounts for your business (separate from your personal accounts).

 Do I have to install anything myself?

No. When you hire us, we do everything. You receive a turnkey site, social, setup and automation ready to receive leads immediately.

 Is my new site secure?

Yes.  Security is our top priority as is privacy and policies and your end users comfort interacting with your site.

 How long will it take to create?

Depending on the package you select, 1-2 days or up to 1 week before you can begin receiving leads.

 Are you an advertising agency?

We do not do ADS on a long term basis, but we have partners we recommend that provide top level service.  We help you get your business up and running, generate leads, we setup your ad accounts, your business accounts, social media and we run your first ad to begin bringing in business.  After that you will need to hire an advertising company to continue running social media ads for your business.

 Who owns the content/subscribers?

YOU. Clients always retain ownerships of everything created.

 If I have questions, is there someone to talk to?

Yes, we are accessible via social media, direct messaging, chat from this site, calling us on the phone at 571-701-1424, which is our business line and will be answered by one of our staff or Cheryl Directly to discuss your business needs.

 If I don't like the site can I get a refund?

By the time the site is completed, we have collaborated back and forth enough to where your approval is needed to complete the job. 

 What program do you use to create the site?


 Can you create a blog for me?

We do not maintain blogs for clients, but we can setup one up for an additional cost.

 What included in 25 Social Post (Builder Engagement)

25 pieces of individual content including: Image, Text, Video so that one post can be made to all forms of social media.

 What included in 3 Social Channel (Business Setup)?

LinkedIn Company Page, Facebook Business Manager, Google Ads Manager, Google My Business as a bonus is always recommended.


After twenty-one years of working in and with sales professionals, founders and CEO's and independent consultants of all types as well as marketing geniuses (winners in their industry), Cheryl breaks down how to identify your unique value, quantify it and communicate it to the market place with a less is more winning strategy.
Her professional programs and strategies have been delivered to  multiple industries through very specific mediums, speaking on stages, courses, membership programs, 1:1 coaching and done for you consulting services.

She has been called "a niche marketing genius" by Kevin Harrington of the original show Shark Tank where she co-wrote a book in 2018 titled "Put a Shark in Your Tank, the Innovator's Addition". She is featured on Amazon Prime Video, as a leader for women in Muscle & Fitness HERS Magazine, the founder of LEAN IN Virginia where over 460+ female business owners converge to share and lift each other up in their careers.

Cheryl has unique ways to gain exposure for businesses outside of the mainstream media and marketing that most of your competition is using and relying on.  Don't get left behind, check out what our community of business consultants are doing that is creating a whole new business model to thrive off of.


cheryl Spangler



To make life easier, automated and sustainable now and in the future for consultants!
  • I've spent 10,000+ hours working on digital marketing strategies that sometimes never produced results, mediocre results and phenomenal results.  Learning what works and what doesn't will benefit all those that work with me.
  • To bring you the right tools and strategies to not only increase your profit margins, but your authority within your market.  Outside the box ideas and strategies are used to increase your customer's awareness of who you are and ultimately finding you the only option for their needs.
  • To empower more consultants to take their business online and have the resources to do it quickly and effectively bypassing years of trial and error.
  • To share many examples of people who have used the very same strategies talked about within Digital Millions Marketing™  including case studies, reviews, exact methodologies, challenges, failures and successes. 


(Just a few of our clients and completed projects)

Developed Mobile APP

Mobile APP "SecureBook" separating Secure Home Inspection from it's competition by allowing online booking.

Law Offices Lead Generation

Assisting Law offices throughout Florida and New York acquire new leads to claim their #1 position in their market.

Real Estate Icon Agent

Primary landing site for Top Producer Real Estate Agent in Tampa Florida and lead gen for his coaching/consulting.

Mission-Driven NFTs

Creator of Mission-Driven NFT collection called "WheelzUP" launching September 20, 2021 on Cardano. 100 unique Digital Assets (characters). #GIVE

Nationwide RE Lead System

Created a system from scratch, marketing campaigns & launched a nationwide lead system for Real Estate Agents in the U.S. called "My Real Estate"


Launched and Marketed a site homeowners use to order HVAC filters and a portion of the monthly cost goes to the charity of their choice. #GIVE

Launched LEAN IN Virginia

LEAN IN is a movement original started by Sheryl Sanberg.  Lean In Networks connect groups of Circles and individuals. Lean In Virginia helps women achieve their ambitions in business.

Rebuilt ATS Online Lead Gen

Built online marketing and lead acquisition system for consulting firm Advancement Tech Services, serving Non-Profit organizations in 10Mil+ donation category. #IMPACT

Built online following 700k+

Started an online Internet show that was launched into an Amazon Prime Channel currently available to Prime Members called "The Cheryl Show"

Cosine Communications IPO

Instrumental in Product launch and marketing Pre-IPO Silicon Valley Telecom Company Cosine Communications Inc. before being bought out by Tut Systems for $24MIL in 2005.

Marketed for Sell Off

Created and sold rights to "Life Coach Box" a subscription service for consumers to receive life coaching materials monthly which was re-branded and launched to the masses within twelve months

17 Million Using LinkedIn

Podcast guest of "Let's Talk Marketing" describing my process of using FREE LinkedIn and outreach to entrepreneurs to obtain a 17 Million Dollar deal in real estate within 12 months.
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